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Tom's Drawings:

These are some pictures
of a few car stereo
systems I have designed
and built.

Pavlik Audio 12's
This is the first system I put in my trunk of my '86 Calais.
Plexiglas Box
This system uses the same 12's as the first pic. This was a unique box and very loud.
Stroker 15
The sub here is a Cerwin Vega Stroker 15. This is one very powerful subwoofer. It could handle 1200 watts RMS.
Putting the equalizer in the door was a challenging task, but it was quite fun.
Eclipse Radio
The beginning phase of installing my radio. It is custom mounted, angled toward me. You can also see the speakers in the floor.
Radio Trim
This is the finished install of my radio. I will try to get another picture from a better angle.
Midbass In Door
Here was my door and floor speakers.
Fiberglas Pod
Here is a close-up picture of my fiberglass door pods. Each side has an 8" speaker for the midbass.
Both Pods
Both the door and the floor pods are securely fastened to the vehicle using fiberglass and some other materials. I have grey trim throughout the vehicle to offset the dark blue trim. There are 8" for midbass and 6" for midrange.
Rear Deck
An unfinished view of my amplifiers on my rear deck.
Rear Deck Done
A finished view of my rear deck. The amps are mounted securely to the vehicle, and there is a trim piece of carpet I can use to cover tham amps to keep them out of sight. You can also see the crossover which appears to be floating. The sub amp puts out over 1500 watts RMS of power.
Grey Box
This is the Stroker 15 in a custom fit box in the trunk. With this install, I was able to hit 143 decibels.
Stroker 18
My new Stroker 18. It is a 40 lb subwoofer that can handle 1600 watts RMS of power.
Stroker 18 Box
The box that my Stroker 18 now resides in. The entire box was fiberglass coated to protect from moisture and strengthen the structure. This box weighes over 80 lbs, and combined with the sub makes one very heavy enclosure.
Godfather 15's
This is a box I built for a friend which held two 15" Godfather subs.
My friend's box in the trunk of his car with a nice tight fit.
Calais Box
This box was very fun to design and build. It has four 12" subs on the front and two 15" subs on the top and is in the back seat. Each sub has its own enclosure. The 12's have exactly equal volumes, and the 15's have slightly larger volume. This box provided an awesome body massage when you sat in the front seats.
Calais Dash
My friend had his dash upholstered, and I installed the radio.
Truck Box
This little box was designed for behind the seat in a truck. It is a very solid little box and produced a very nice sound.
MTX Amp Rack
This amp rack was built during the summer of 2000. This was a custom amp rack. Although difficult to tell from the pic, the amps and capacitor are made to look like they are floating.
JL Audio 12W3's
I did not build this box, but it is in the trunk of the car with the floating amp rack I built above.