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The KMS logo is above. The rabbit and hat are both standard symbols to magic. The rabbit in a hat means the known for magicians and the unknown for the audience. With this rabbit's legs and ears popping out, it is meant to symbolize the first step in a new territory for beginning magicians.

With this in mind my friend Kevin and I started a magic club at WMU called Kalamazoo Magic Society (KMS). I have been interested in and performing magic for 16 years. Kevin has been practicing with me and performing for over two years now. I love entertaining people with magic, and my favorite type is close-up, especially with a regular deck of cards. Some magic is sleight-of-hand, and other magic is sleight-of-mind.

The main pupose of starting this club is to teach people the basics of magic for purposes of performing. We do not expect them to perform professionally. However, we do hope they will gain enough confidence and skill to perform for small parties or family and friends. We also hope that the magicians we teach will not expose the secrets. Below are a few pics of the Bronco Bash at Western.

A special thanks to Vincent Soo for taking many of these awesome pics.                                                                Vincent's Page

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Me Practicing

Me performing at Park Place Living Center

Me performing at Washington Elementary School

Kevin and I perform some magic at Matt's bachelor party

Me performing some comedy magic for Amature Night at WMU

Some Videos for your enjoyment. They might take a little while to open, but they are cool.

An effect with a dollar bill.     Liquid Glass.    An effect with a rope.    Where is the coin??    

Playing with fire. Don't try this at home.

My great friend Tony floating a borrowed dollar bill. He has taught me a lot about magic in the past few years.

Ron Jackson performing a coin-thru-the-table routine.

Stu performing another coin routine for two girls.

These girls are having lots of fun being entertained.


My assistant