The Secrets of Brother John Hamman - 1989 edition

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Item Summary Comments Page Number
Instant Double and Triple Turnover Technique Sleight Table Filter 11
Dead Man’s Hand Poker hand transforms 15
Double-Deal Card to Pocket Selection vanishes, found in pocket 18
What and Where Tests Cards transpose and transform 20
Two-Card Trick Ace transforms to Queen 24
1 2 3 4 5 Peek Thought One of five Hearts transforms to selection 26
Deck in Parvo Deck removed, case shrinks, one more card removed Uses gimmick 28
Acey-Deucey Two cards transpose 31
First Twist Twisting 34
Second Twist Twisting 38
Final Twist Twisting 41
Watch Me Like a Hawk Selection divined, then vanished 44
Signed Card Previously tabled card is signed selection 47
Triple Cross Multiple transpositions 51
Kings Through Table Cards penetrate up through table 54
Flight of Four Card jumps to several places Uses gimmick 57
Sealed-Room Mystery Thought of card in sealed envelope 61
Thunderstruck Prediction card transforms Uses gimmick 64
Peek Look Think Three selections found 66
Chinese Miracle Two selections found, cards sorted 68
Chinese Shuffle to Si Stebbins Cards sorted to SS order 71
Three Guesses Selections transform to mates of a hidden selection 72
Opposite Pockets Selections placed in pockets, then named 75
Magic Box Four thought of cards found in case 77
Four-Pocket Mirror Mates of four thought-of cards are found 79
Disobedient Cards Deck separates into reds and blacks 81
Final Shuffle Two cards found, deck separates into red/black 84
Two-Shuffles Harry Triumph plus colour separation, selections found 87
Pesky Card Triumph plus colour separation plus card to pocket 89
Twins Transformations in a small packet Gemini Count 93
Pinochle Trick Transformations in a small packet Gemini Count 97
Magic Cards Transformations in a small packet Gemini Count 99
Jacks Come Back Mini Oil and Water, plus transformation 101
Knavish Deuces Mini Oil and Water, plus Follow the Leader 103
Revenge on the Pink Panthers Transpositions 106
Kangaroo Card Point of Departure + Visitor + mates of selection 109
Eight-Ball Queens Monte + transpositions 114
New Hue Colour changing backs in a small packet 116
Lollapalooza Hand Poker hands transpose 118
False Witness Four cards move around 121
Pickpocket Cards invisibly removed from case 124
Doppelganger Card Card to card case 127
Multiplying Kings Like Eleven Card Trick, plus more changes 129
Thought Cards Across Triangle version (as in Our Magic) Uses gimmicks 134
Billy the Kid Whack Your Pack 136
Stun-Sational Cards change size Uses gimmicks 138
Micro-Macro Cards change size Uses gimmicks 141
Micro-Macro (Regular Cards) Cards change size 145
Invisible Card One card out of five vanishes Uses Countback 150
Houdini Escapes Card apparently jumps from one half deck to the other Uses Countback 153
Seeing with the Fingertips Two cards transpose Uses Countback 155
Devilish Miracle Retold Two selections transpose Uses Countback 157
Transparent Cards Two cards become invisible Uses Countback 160
Adventure of the Spotted Seven Sandwich Uses Countback 163
Skipping Jacks Cards jump around Uses Countback 168
Flash Poker Poker deal 171
Spectator Outdeals Magician ... Almost Poker hand changes 5 times 175
Poker Palm Shift Poker hand changes 4 times 177
Magician Versus Gambler Two poker hands change Uses gimmicks 180
Up the Down Sleeve Cards travel up & down sleeves to pockets 183
Go Fish Three volunteers find mates of a free selection 185
Blind Chance Four selections found Requires Faro 189
Cream Rises to the Top Triumph plus aces transpose with four selections 191
Axes and Jaxes Aces and Jacks transpose 195
Underground Transposition Aces and Jacks transpose 200
Phoenix Four Four selections found by spelling 202
Homing Card Jack repeatedly jumps back to a small packet 204
Out of Print Cards turn blank, then normal 208
Universal Card Universal card Uses gimmicks 209
Mystic Nine Black cards turn red when touched to a red 213
Faked Deck Deck stacked with gimmicks 216
Four-tunate Choice Chosen fours change back colour, change to Jacks 216
Haldeucination Jacks turn into twos Uses gimmicks 218
Amorphous Ace Aces transposes in packet, then all cards become Aces Uses standard gimmicks 220
Wild All the Way Transpositions plus Wild Card 222
Final Aces Multi-phase assembly Uses gimmicks 229
Marx Brothers Jacks transform to selections, then to Aces 234
Ladies’ Man Queens and Twos transpose 238
Mixed Up Mates Four pairs repeatedly match 240
Five Kings Royal Five KDs change to royal flush in Spades Uses a gimmick card 243
Old Classic Assembly No gimmicks 245
Fan-to-See Normal size fan instantly changes to Jumbo fan Uses gimmicked cards 250